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ॐ नमः शिवाय


  • Ruby (Variety of Corundum mineral species) is a Precious Red Gemstone, called Manik in Hindi.
  • Ruby comes in Pure Red hue (Pigeon’s Blood color) or various Tones of Red.
  • Ruby Gemstone is liked for its Pure Red hue unlike seen in any other Gemstone Ruby is Birthstone of July month & is associated with Sun planet in Indian Astrology.



  • Ruby (Manik) is the stone associated with ‘Sun’. Sun is considered as the King among the Nine Planets and hence the most powerful too. Sun is the source of energy, Powerful,Authoritative and Respectable. A Strong Sun signifies similar qualities of Leadership, Confidence and Motivation.<l/i>
  • Wearing Ruby is beneficial for people in Government Job, Senior Positions or In Business.
  • Ruby is also beneficial for people with Low Confidence, low self-esteem and lack of leadership qualities.
  • It is a stone for Fame and relationships. It helps to get favors and acknowledgment from people at higher authorities.
  • Ruby ensures a cordial relationship with Partner, Family and Society members. It can ignite lost flame in a relationship.
  • As per western astrology, It is also the birthstone for the month of July.

  How to Wear

Ruby (Manikya) is associated with Sun as per Indian Vedic astrology. Ruby is worn on the Day of Sun- ‘Sunday’, at an auspicious time of the day while chanting the Surya Beej  mantra.

Ruby can be worn in Ring or Pendant. Before wearing the Ruby, The Ruby stone should be fully energized and properly activated as per the Vedic procedures for best astrological results.

Ruby stone is worn in Yellow metal; hence Ruby Ring or Pendant can be made of Gold.


Day of Wearing : Sunday
Finger : Ring Finger
Metal :  Gold and Silver


 1.What are the Astrological benefits of Ruby Gemstone?

Ruby is the gemstone for Sun. Sun signifies Leadership, Domination and strength. It also ensures good health, especially Mental Sharpness, Healthy Heart, Blood pressure and immunity. It also helps in receiving accolades, rewards, gifts and appreciation from the people around you. A Strong sun ensures ample support and mentorship of seniors and a rise in career. It is also helpful for success in competitive exams and to get government jobs. People who constantly receive disapproval  do not receive success must wear ruby.


 2.How To Know Ruby will Suit me?

Ruby or Manikya is a powerful astrological gemstone because of its association with Sun. It is thus important to ensure that ruby stone effects work for you positively and not otherwise. At KPJ, you can take Gem Recommendation from our qualified and experienced astrologers to know if ruby suits you according to your existing planetary conditions.