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Over 4 decades of dedicated service to our valued customers and our continuous efforts in giving them with latest designs, best quality at most reasonable rates has made K.PJewellery & Gems not only the best in india but in other countries as well. We have also been exporting jewellery to various countries and have also been graced by having our name in the national news papers and media. While shopping for jewellery, customer looks for purity, quality, genuine dealings, value for money and above all satisfaction of heart.  It has become a house hold name based on its vast experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will be gemstone will bring good for the person?

Gemstone maybe good for a person if you wear according to your horoscope.

3. Whether we should continue with the gem-stone already we are wearing or we need to remove it?

Our Astrologer expert will guide you based on your horoscope chart to continue the same gemstone should wear or not and also suggest you if any other alternative.

5. Which mantras that purify bad vibrations by wearing Lucky Gems?

We will give your Lucky Gemstone after doing chants and mantras that give more power to the Gemstone and to remove any negative energies from it.

2. Any Instruction or Guide you will provide while wearing the Gemstone?

We will guide you through instruction form how to wear a gem-stone that would really fulfill the purpose of wearing it.

4. What should be the weight of the gem-stone and in which finger it should be worn?

Minimum one carat maximum based on you budget and regarding the Finger our astrologer guide you based on the horoscope.