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ॐ नमः शिवाय



  • Emerald is a green colored, highly precious gemstone of the Beryl mineral family. It is one of the most reputed gemstones in vedic astrology worn for success in businesses & jobs, creative or intellectual pursuits and knowledge seeking ventures.


    • Ideal for Financial, Intellectual and Creative Ventures.
    • Refined Oration & Communication.
    • Relaxed mind, improved senses and calm skin.


 How to Wear

Day of Wearing : Wednesday
Finger : Little Finger
Metal : Silver and Gold


  1.Who should wear emerald stone?
People with Zodiac Signs of Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo should Can Wear Emerald stone. People born in May month should also wear Emerald stone.

   2.When should we wear emerald stone?

Emerald should be worn on Wednesday in little finger as per Indian Vedic Astrology.

   3.What are the benefits of wearing emerald stone?

Emerald is good for Business, Career, wealth and Marriage. It is Birthstone for May Month.